Why Do I Need the Gravity Forms Integration?

Preferred WordPress Form Builder

We integrate with Gravity Forms because it is, hands down, the preferred form builder for WordPress. It's ease of use and flexible structure are what make it popular on over a million websites

By adding feeds from their easy-to-use form software, you simply pick the fields you want to sync to CiviCRM to import contact data from your form signups.

Also, by itself, CiviCRM doesn't have the same degree of versatility that Gravity Forms can add. 

The Gravity Forms to CiviCRM integration:

  • Does not require you to configure any profiles or field groups in CiviCRM as you would for the default CiviCRM front end elements in WordPress. 
  • Allows you to process multiple feeds per form
  • Enables you to process contact relationships for things like "Parent/Child" or "Employer/Employee" relationships.
Currently we support feeds for Contact Type fields and Activity Type fields. IF we get sufficient support for it, we'd love to serve up feeds for Contribution Type fields as well as PayPal support, Event registrations, and Memberships.

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