So What's VIP About CiviVIP?

CiviCRM is powerful, with a steep learning curve.

We understand this is because we have had the privilege of contributing to the CiviCRM project. We love that it's packed full of features and rich with possibilities. By making it this robust, the CiviCRM team has been able to offer this open source tool to a wide variety of users.

By its very nature, however, a powerful system requires some degree of training and VIP support.

That's why CiviVIP is a white glove service, offered up on a silver platter (invitation only). We want you to be successful, and we want you to enjoy the experience.

But that's not all! CiviVIP has a super–talented team of  designers, developers, and support people.  We are in the business of making your dreams come true! We can customize your site or CiviCRM for you, outside of your ongoing support plan with us. Just get in touch with us about what you need.

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